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Growing Your Dreams

Growing Your Dreams

Wealth Pro Advisors is an independent firm. This allows our team to focus on the needs of our clients. We only answer to our clients. This enables us to deliver unbiased advice and solutions that are customized to our client’s specific needs.

Enriched by our comprehensive consultative process and advanced tax planning platform, we can work in collaboration with our trusted CPA’s to bring you an unmatched level of service and efficiency. We are dedicated to serving your best interests, and we know that your personality, experiences, hopes and dreams influence every important financial decision you make.

Each advisor is focused on understanding your goals and objectives. We pride ourselves on taking the time and care in investigating out solutions that will not only cover your current concerns but will cover the needs you did not know you had. That is the comprehensive approach we take. We provide peace of mind and assurance that your best interests are being managed.

Our services include a variety of wealth and tax management solutions:

  • Portfolio Investment Management - We specialize in a “Dependable and Predictable” portfolio design that is unique to your circumstances to match your investment goals with our investment tools.
  • Retirement Portfolio Tax Management – Often your largest tax liability, we evaluate your options for tax-free distribution strategies and plan an allocation that optimizes tax efficiency.
  • Retirement Income Management – Provide for guaranteed income opportunities that increase over time while protecting your principal.
  • Annual Income Tax Management - Initial and ongoing evaluation of income tax return to ensure you are taking advantage of all opportunities to reduce your annual tax liability.
  • Estate Distribution Planning – Strategies that help you structure a meaningful distribution of your assets in the manner you desire.
  • Legacy Planning – We assist you in developing a legacy for your family (or charities) that supports your value system in a positive and meaningful way.
  • Business Owner Succession Planning - One of the most important plans a successful owner could contribute to is the Defined Benefit Pension Plan. Our team has been successful in mitigating taxation and establishing guaranteed pension plans for these clients for years, and all with the approval of the IRS. If your tax bill exceeds $50,000 annually, let us help you cut that in half with one of our professionally designed plans.

Whether we correspond with your tax preparer, or you use our team of CPA’s and attorneys, we will help you retain and grow what is yours.

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